Route HQ

Route HQ

Your source for all things route related. Check back on this page as we get closer to the event. We will have more information, maps, gpx files, rest stop info and more. 


2022 Route Details

Redesigned Routes

We started from scratch on 2021 based on feedback from the participants of previous editions and are happy to announce:

  • No More Huge Sand Pits
  • More Gravel/Less Pavement
  • Creek Crossing
  • More Rest Stop Access
  • Some Singletrack (Sunday)


Saturday Routes

We had great feedback from the 2021 route so we decided to keep Saturdays routes almost identical for 2022. We swapped around one section in the 70 and 100 mile routes that cuts out about 6 miles of paved road and switched to gravel. It also allowed for easier access to another rest stop. 

35 Miler


70 Miler


105 Miler


The NEW Sunday Routes

Sunday will likely be something you have NEVER done before! We listened to feedback from 2021 and people wanted more gravel less road of course. So we scoured the entire county trying to find a solution, and came back to an idea that we borrowed from the UCI Tour of Labitibi. We will literally transport everyone and their bikes 11 miles out of town for a start at a different location. Sounds crazy, but its really not. 

How will it work? Riders will park and meet at the start at the Shelton in Old Town Palestine (start/finish location) where buses will be waiting. The 70 and 100 mile riders will load up on the bus at 6:15-6:30am, and bikes will be loaded in an equipment trailer. The bus drives 15 minutes out to the start in Jarvis. We prep up and start from there and it almost immediately goes into the gravel. The buses return after the start and begin loading for the 35 mile riders who do the same. ALL routes finish back at the Shelton in Palestine. 

Why? There are two big reasons

1) All the roads leading in and out of Palestine were paved, the only way to open up more gravel without increasing distances was literally bring the riders closer to the gravel.

2) Moving further out also opens up several new route options by extending the range of each route 11 miles.

But is it actually happening? YES, the buses are booked, we own the truck and trailer, and the start venue is confirmed.  

FlashFridaySale 8/12/22 Discount Codes

40 Miler
70 Miler
105 Mile

Our team is currently checking all the new sections, while we have the routes nearly complete, we want to ensure they are all safe and enjoyable for participants. Stay tuned. 

Rest Stop Locations

Saturday Rest Stop Locations

Will be posted when we finalize Sunday’s locations

Sunday Rest Stop Locations

Will be posted when we finalize Sunday’s route

Gear Bag Drop off

If you’d like to send your nutrition or gear to a particular rest stop location, bins will be marked and located at the registration check-in area each day. Please label your gear with your name and phone number.